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16 May, 2024

More than 90,000 households in England have been threatened with no-fault eviction since the ban on section 21 was first promised in April 2019

New analysis of MoJ possession figures also shows an almost 20 per cent increase in people being evicted by bailiffs as a result of a section 21 action in January to March 2024 compared to the same period last year

16 May, 2024

Declaration of housing emergency by Scottish Parliament prompts call for ‘urgent action’

Shelter Scotland says it’s time for politicians to work together to deliver the social homes people need, and make sure local services have the resources they need to do to their jobs

16 May, 2024

Welsh Government announces structural reforms to the council tax system will not start until 2028

Written statement on plans that include regular valuation updates and new property bands also confirms that a 'transition fund' will be considered to help those who face higher bills

14 May, 2024

People sleeping rough still at risk of criminalisation despite concessions, says Crisis

Homelessness charity welcomes removal of 'outlandish' elements of the Criminal Justice Bill but argues that remaining powers are 'unnecessary' and could lead to imprisonment and fines

13 May, 2024

Government says it is ‘not acceptable’ for social housing providers to increase service charges ‘as a means of boosting rental revenue’

Statement from DLUHC Minister made in response to allegations of widespread service charge abuse and a call for tighter controls and a regulator with a remit to investigate complaints

13 May, 2024

Ombudsman finds council relied on ‘gatekeeping’ of services to delay provision of interim accommodation until a homeless family’s situation became desperate

Tower Hamlets Council ordered to pay the family more than £1,300 compensation, decide if it now owes the family a main housing duty, and review their priority on the housing register

10 May, 2024

Government commits to ensuring that the Ombudsman has the skills and knowledge to handle disputes about whether landlords unreasonably refuse tenants’ requests to keep a pet

Assurance provided in DLUHC's response to the Animal Sentience Committee’s report on whether the Renters (Reform) Bill has due regard to the welfare of animals as sentient beings

10 May, 2024

Ending homelessness should sit alongside new First Minister’s ambition to end child poverty in Scotland ‘as a top priority’

Coalition of more than 30 housing and homelessness organisations also calls for appointment of a Cabinet Secretary to tackle the housing emergency

9 May, 2024

Government’s response to need for greater protection for tenants in unhealthy homes ‘lacks urgency’

Chair of Health and Social Care Committee says 'we are no closer to seeing an update and there’s no timetable for change to happen'

7 May, 2024

Government strengthens Homelessness Code of Guidance to reduce the number of care leavers found intentionally homeless

Changes made in support of mission to see an increase in the number of care leavers in safe, suitable accommodation and a reduction in homelessness for care experienced young people

2 May, 2024

1 May, 2024

30 April, 2024

Almost 35,000 households were threatened with homelessness and owed a prevention duty in quarter to December 2023

New DLUHC statistics also show that, of these, almost 6,000 had been served a section 21 'no-fault' eviction notice, an increase of 10.9 per cent over the previous year

26 April, 2024

Local authority concedes judicial review challenge to policy of not taking homelessness applications from people aged under 25

Consent order, which has been published in interests of promoting open justice, confirms that Manchester City Council has now abandoned policy

25 April, 2024

Amendment to Renters Reform Bill requiring an assessment of the county court possession system before abolishing section 21 evictions passed in House of Commons

With approval of government amendment introduced by Housing Minister Jacob Young, Bill was read a third time and will now progress to the House of Lords

25 April, 2024

19 April, 2024

19 April, 2024

Scottish Parliamentary Committees launch joint consultation on Housing (Scotland) Bill

Views sought on measures designed to prevent homelessness and strengthen tenants' rights

19 April, 2024

Increase in registered rents in Northern Ireland 2024/2025

New statutory rule makes provision for a 7.7 per cent increase