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Severe disability Premium - living alone?
I have just seen a client and assisted her in applying for DLA. She seems to meet the conditions for at least middle rate care - poss higher. She c
fulham09-Jun-10 03:42 PM
by nevip
Overpayment of IS and section 74
Hello The DWP insists to apply section 74 of the SS Aministration Act 1992 to recover some IS which was overpaid because of a late payment within a
giuseppina09-Jun-10 01:05 PM
by Tony Bowman
JSA Sanction
Just a quickie! Hoping this doesn't sound (or is) too obvious.... Scena rio - Person gets dismissed for Gross Misconduct after 16 years with same
starkey07-Jun-10 03:32 PM
by Neil Bateman
Living Together appeal
Does anyone have a sample appeal submission that i can refer to or over write for a client-1st one i have had to do. My email is zena.braithwaite@dar
dbcwru03-Jun-10 07:12 PM
by clairehodgson
SDP backdate -change of circumstances
Hi all, I have an Income Support appeal in a couple of weeks where we are trying to get a backdate of SDP. Client has been in receipt of DLA midd
nedcab03-Jun-10 12:25 PM
by nedcab
Partner with Immigration Control / SDP
I have a case where the appellant is married to a person who is subject to immigration control and therefore has no recourse to public funds. The appe
AUFC02-Jun-10 09:52 AM088
'full time education'
wondered if anyone had succeeded in agueing that a 12 hour a week post grad course designated by the university as full time is actually part time (p6
southwestlaw228-May-10 05:24 PM
by ariadne2
lone parents working part time and IS
Hi hopefully this is a reasonably straightforward query but my mind's not working too well this morning! If a lone parent from an EEA state is wor
alexjose28-May-10 05:04 PM
by ariadne2
Income Support and emplyment tribunal payment
Hello all I have a client who is due for an employmnet tribunal hearing and may get some compensation, or she may have pre hearing settlement.
mpmap27-May-10 11:19 AM
by Kevin D
Self employed A8 types
You guessed it... It's another R2R case. Page 859 of the 9/10 Rowland & White adjudication and euro legislation book would have us believe that den
Dan_manville26-May-10 02:48 PM0135
maintenence and means tested benefits
Hello all sorry if this has alreday been covered by Rightsnet, but I am an infrequent visitor. I heard that child maintenence (no matter how m
mpmap25-May-10 03:21 PM
by mpmap
One of those questions that you don't like to ask...
I feel this is a silly question (but it is Friday...) My client was refused JSA on 1 April as he failed RTR. On 20th April, he was sent a furthe
Tony Bowman21-May-10 02:55 PM
by Tony Bowman
Overpaid WPA precludes payment of JSA(IB)
Hi - some help here please. Client’s Widowed Parents Allowance continued after her youngest left home. She worked for a few weeks then claimed JSA.
Don C21-May-10 09:28 AM
by jj
who'd be a fly on the wall
at this jobcentre interview on first jsa claim: http://new s.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_ politics/8693537.stm
clairehodgson21-May-10 07:56 AM
by pete c
TUPE regulations and workers registration
Hi... have an A8 client who was in full Registered work at a fixed place of employment. The company was taken over and all employees were kept on d
nick nicolson20-May-10 08:30 AM
by Tony Bowman
Letter to welfare to work providers
It is good to see the new government taking such pains to provide certainty to welfare to work providers about their announcement on scrapping existin
Martin Williams19-May-10 11:25 AM
by ros.white
burden of proof/ recourse to public funds - precedent please
old story - client has been wrongly refused benefits as DWP insist his family reunion visa says 'sponsor' on it so he has no recourse to public funds.
southwest19-May-10 10:31 AM
by Martin Williams
http://www.bailii.or g/eu/cases/EUECJ/201 0/C16209_O.html o pinion of the advocate general, recommending the court find in favour of Lassal: VI
clairehodgson18-May-10 07:19 AM
by John Birks
JSA during the Child Benefit extension period
I have a client whose son is 18. He will be leaving school in June, hopes to go to university. Child Benefit will continue until 31/8, but Child Tax
Alun Jones14-May-10 09:08 PM
by ariadne2
Severe Disability Premium Backdating
I have been referred a client whom a support worker lodged an Income Support appeal for. It is a client with an acquired brain injury who was on DLA m
Reg R13-May-10 10:23 AM0219
Capital Disregard
Hi, Can anybody provide me with details of cases that they know of where a claimant has successfully extended the 26 week disregard on capital that
Andrewy10-May-10 02:21 PM
by ros.white
JSA & self employment
My client works as a s/e glazer for a company and his contract ended on 19/02/10 when work dried up. He claimed JSA soon after and was refused becaus
joannah07-May-10 08:57 AM
by joannah
implications of ec reg 883/2004 introduced on 1.5.10
Could someone please explain in plain English (!) what, if any, practical implications there are for claiming certain social security benefits, with t
alexjose05-May-10 04:01 PM
by ros.white
New JSA claim for claimant granted ILR - NASS 35 required?
Like wot it says on the tin.... JC+ insisting on client producing NASS 35 document in order to process his JSA claim which was made following his g
past caring 305-May-10 01:55 PM0189
Estranged but started course after 19th birthday
One of my clients is currently in full-time non-advanced education. She has been living at home, but the behaviour of her parents is adversely aff
kkev04-May-10 12:32 PM
by notts advisor
Income Support- Estrangement
Hi All You can qualify for IS while in relevant education on various grounds. One of these is: "you have to live away from your parents and any perso
linusm30-Apr-10 04:14 PM
by Tony Bowman
R2R for spouse before decree absolute
My client could derive a R2R as a family member of husband who is UK national working in Switzerland - they have a decree nisi made in 2008 but no dec
pclc30-Apr-10 03:02 PM
by ros.white
EEA nationals right to recieve JSA
Hello, I have a client who is a French national and so are his wife and children. He came to the UK in April 2009 and was followed by his wife and
coldbather29-Apr-10 03:37 PM
by pclc
Income support & DLA
Can I check if you can claim Income support purely by being a claimant of DLA mid rate care. There is no lone parent or carer's issues - just a person
bigeamo29-Apr-10 10:21 AM
by Don C
students & benefits
news item on the beeb today http://news .bbc.co.uk/1/hi/heal th/8649491.stm
clairehodgson29-Apr-10 04:46 AM0199