Universal credit

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Universal credit roll out is gaining pace with the number of claimants around half a million. With the live service already established for single jobseekers, full service is now rolling out across the UK to all claimants and, by July 2017, 30 jobcentres a month will be ‘going digital’, rising to 55 a month by the end of the year.

Our course not only covers the basics of universal credit, but looks at the practical differences between the live service and full service, and the problem areas that are arising in each - including the interaction with the ‘legacy system’.

This course covers -

What benefits universal credit replaces | how universal credit will be calculated | administration, including claims and payments | conditionality and sanctions | the latest on the roll out timetable and transitional protection | interaction with the legacy system | dealing with the digital system

By the end of this course you will have -

  • an understanding of how universal credit will be assessed
  • explored the main differences between full service and live service universal credit, and the current legacy system
  • identified problem areas and looked at tactics to manage them.

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