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AIMS demo

The AIMS Demo is a full working version of the AIMS Extra Case Management System restricted to a maximum of 50 unique client records and designed to run on stand-alone computers. The Demo package contains all the available functionality of AIMS Extra and is an essential tool for training and familiarisation purposes.

When you download the AIMS demo software, a shortcut to launch AIMS will be created on your desktop and we recommend you print out the AIMS Demo Tour document. Use this document to help familiarise yourself with the system.

The AIMS Demo download contains:

To download and install the AIMS Demo software

  1. Download the AIMS demo software.
  2. Select SAVE and, when prompted, choose the location you want to save the file AIMS Demo.exe to (e.g. Desktop)
  3. Once the download is complete, navigate to the location you chose in step 2 and double click on AIMS Demo.exe to start the installation.
  4. Follow the on screen prompts.
  5. Once the installation is complete, launch the Demo by clicking on the AIMS Demo icon and type ‘JS’ for the username and 'PASSWORD' for the password to log into the system.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the AIMS Demo please email us at aims@rightsnet.org.uk or telephone 020 7377 2806.