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AIMS Access

AIMS Access is the AIMS Case Management System developed in Microsoft Access and is designed to run on stand-alone computers or networked computers connected via a LAN (Local Area Network).

The AIMS Access download is for new users only. Upon purchase, the Aims Team will send you your unique licence key, which is required to complete your installation and determines whether the Core or Extra version will be installed. Existing AIMS users wishing to update their software to the latest version go to the AIMS updates page

The AIMS Access download contains:

NB - before downloading AIMS Access, we strongly recommend that you -

To download and install AIMS Access

  1. Download AIMS Access.
  2. Select SAVE and, when prompted, choose the location to save the AIMS Access setup.exe file to (e.g. Desktop)
  3. Once the download is complete, navigate to the location you chose in step 2 and double click on AIMS Access setup.exe to extract the files.
  4. Read the installation instructions and then proceed to install following the onscreen install prompts.
  5. Launch AIMS by double clicking on the AIMS desktop icon then login to the system by typing ‘ADMIN’ for the username and 'PASSWORD' for the password.
  6. On the first launch of the system, enter your licence key at the prompt to determine whether Core or Extra is installed and to complete your installation.

Before adding any data to the system, you should read the Configuration Guide.

If you have any questions about AIMS Access please email us at aims@rightsnet.org.uk or telephone 020 7377 2806.