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3 March, 2021 Open access

Government announces that universal credit uplift is to be extended for six months and that eligible working tax credit claimants are to receive a one-off payment of £500

Budget 2021 also confirms that suspension of universal credit minimum income floor will continue to end of July 2021, and that changes to debt and advances recovery will be brought forward to April 2021

The government has announced that the universal credit uplift - that was introduced at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and was due to expire at the end of March 2021 - is to be extended for six months, and that the working tax credit uplift will be replaced by a one-off payment.

In Budget 2021, presented in parliament today, the government confirms (at paragraph 2.19) that it is extending the temporary £20 per week increase to the universal credit standard allowance for a further six months in Great Britain, on top of the planned uprating (with the Northern Ireland Executive being funded to match the increase), and that the measure will apply to all new and existing universal credit claimants.

In relation to the working tax credit uplift, the government confirms (at paragraph 2.20) that it is making a one-off payment of £500 to eligible claimants across the UK, to provide continued extra support over the next six months.

In addition, also in relation to universal credit and working tax credit, the government has announced that -

NB - elsewhere in the Budget, the government confirms that -

For more information see Budget 2021: Protecting the jobs and livelihoods of the British people.