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5 May, 2021

Homelessness and rough sleeping in the time of COVID-19

London School of Economics

16 April, 2021

Covid-19 and Insecure Work

Trades Union Congress

15 April, 2021

Universal credit in a time of crisis

National Housing Federation

9 April, 2021

Benefit system increases homelessness

Homeless Link

25 March, 2021

Technology managing people –  the legal implications

Trades Union Congress

12 March, 2021

Extending working lives: How to support older workers

Trades Union Congress

1 March, 2021

Homelessness Monitor: England 2021


17 February, 2021

Long Covid in the labour market

Resolution Foundation

8 February, 2021

The single parent debt trap


29 January, 2021

Impact of the 2014 Care Act on carers: Five years on

London School of Economics

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