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universal basic income

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Guardian report reflects hopes of the Finnish social security agency that data from UBI trial - where guaranteed, unconditional income is paid in advance - will show unintended benefits through a positive impact on anxiety, prescription drug consumption, and doctor visits….


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A report from the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce - Pathways to Universal Basic Income proposes -

the creation of a Universal Basic Opportunity Fund (UBOF): an effort to reimagine how society supports people to live meaningful, contributory lives. Its premise is simple: fund every citizen under the age of 55 with a £5,000 opportunity dividend for up to two years, taken at a time of their choosing over the course of a decade. The fund would initially last for ten years, with dependent children also eligible for the payment in the year a parent, or both, werereceiving it.

So you get £10,000 over two years but have to relinquish any state benefits…

The BBC reports -

As the dividends would replace payments such as Child Benefit, Tax Credits and Jobseeker’s Allowance, the savings for the government could also be ploughed into the fund.

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There’s a session on basic income at the LSE next week as part of their Beveridge celebrations.

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The are copies of the slides from the LSE thing on the website, including Gareth’s, which make for interesting reading. I particularly like that the fella from the Adam Smith Institutes suggestion that HMRC would be good delivering a negative income tax because of their experience delivering tax credits! Cos they were ace at that…

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We wouldn’t have UC if someone somewhere wasn’t convinced that monthly had worked with Tax Credits!


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Couple of new reports out today on universal basic income ...

- from the Centre for Social Justice: Universal Basic Income: An Effective Policy for Poverty Reduction?
- from the RSA: Realising basic income experiments in the UK