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Does the self-employment gateway interview trigger the task to report s/e income & expenditure?

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As it says on the tin really - does the task to report self-employed I&E only appear after the gateway interview?
My clients are a couple; she is a carer and he is self-employed. They claimed UC 14/04 and have both had their ID appts, but the self-employed partner has not had his Gateway interview yet, and it’s not booked until 04/06. We are now on payment day, no payment nor statement in the UC account, and the client querying in the journal has had a reply saying that “If you are entitled to UC that cannot be paid until your partner’s self-employment can be verified”
From what my client read out from the journal, he has not had the report your s/e I&E task.

If the task to report self-employed income & expenditure is only triggered by the completion of the Gateway s/e interview, and these interviews are being booked well outside the first AP, this is going to hold up payment of UC.

Isn’t this going to be a big problem with increasing numbers of claimants migrating to UC?


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I’ll follow this up via the UC stakeholder group - I’ve heard elsewhere about big delays…