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Joint claim for JSA - a true joint claim or is there a lead claimant?

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Client was on JSA, moved in with his partner (before UC roll-out) and she was added to his JSA claim and both have been subject to jobseeking requirements, partner now gets PIP SRDL/SRM, can my client claim Carer’s Allowance with JSA top-up but his jobseeking requirements being switched off and Carer Premium added or would this lead to a UC claim? They would be nearly £100 per month worse off on UC due to loss of dis prem so I don’t want to risk telling him to do this if the JSA would end. TIA.

Rebecca Lough
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Hi Tricia,

My two cents would be that claiming CA will not end the JSA in and of itself, but that the job seeking requirements would continue regardless of the CA award. If they can hold on to the JSA until a migration notice then this would be worth doing. Although they’d then go on a WCA journey so worth comparing where they’d end up financially after the TP erosion.