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New from Justice: Building the infrastructure for a fair, accessible justice system

shawn mach


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New Justice-led project, funded by the Access to Justice Foundation, to explore options for harnessing data and evidence to improve justice policy and practice:

Putting in place the data and evidence infrastructure to support a fair, accessible justice system is an urgent task. To begin this process, Justice have commissioned Dr Natalie Byrom to lead a scoping study, funded by the Access to Justice Foundation which will take place over the next few months. As part of this study, Dr Byrom will:

- Conduct a review of national and international practice to identify promising models, learning from a range of initiatives including the JRF Insight Infrastructure, the Georgetown University Civil Justice Data Commons, and the Stanford Legal Design Lab;
- Interview stakeholders from civil society, policy and government to understand their perspectives. What are the key gaps? What functions are most needed?
- Propose models for an initiative that would meet the needs of key stakeholders;
- Identify potential funders and work with them to understand their appetite to support the creation of a new initiative.

More info: https://justice.org.uk/building-the-infrastructure-for-a-fair-accessible-justice-system