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Home responsibilities Protection for past years

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Cl has been in receipt of SRP and GPC for around a year. No other income or savings apart from PIP and she lives with son who is her carer. He has applied for Home Responsibilities Protection for past years on her behalf as he thinks she may have missed out on some SRP. Presumably if he is successful and she is awarded additional SRP, this will generate a overpayment of GPC. Would such an overpayment be recoverable as caused by administrative error?

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WRAMAS Bristol City Council

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I don’t have an answer to your question CA - hopefully PC would offset an overpayment against any underpaid SRP?

Question - how did your client get on with applying for the HRP?

I have a client who has on the HB system, at least 16 years of CB claims prior to her pension age; I am sure she has much more than 16 years of CB claims; she had 6 children born between ‘74 and ‘88 and and also looked after at least one grandchild much later on.  The form to apply for HRP on the basis of CB claims asks for quite specific dates/info -

What tax year do you want to start HRP? What tax year do you want to end HRP?
When did you start to receive Child Benefit? When did you stop receiving Child Benefit?
What is the other parent or guardian’s date of birth?

My client isn’t going to know the exact dates and our HB records don’t go back far enough - the best we can do is use the DOB of her children. Is that going to be OK? If anyone has successfully completed this I’d be interested in feedback.