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DWP seeking feedback on issues to consider when drawing up income and expenditure with claimants


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I’ve received the following via DWP stakeholder forum - if you can help please email me a response (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) and I will forward it on to DWP -

Many debt charities use income and expenditure to assess what is affordable for their clients. We’re keen to tap into any knowledge they can share about how to meet the needs of those clients and design a good experience.

Broadly we’re looking for any quantitative or qualitative evidence relating to the income and expenditure process. User needs, pain points, usability feedback or drop off points would be the kind of things we’d find useful.

In particular we’re looking for:

- Evidence which could help structure the affordability conversation following I&E. In particular any research on what proportion of the disposable income should be used for paying off debts?
- Any evidence to help us understand how to balance the length of the form with the level of detail required to identify affordability?
- Any usability research on pain points or blockers which may prevent users completing the income and expenditure process
- Any research which details expectations in relation to data – particularly interested in convenience vs what they are happy to share.