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Assessed Income Period on Pension Credit

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Please can you help. I have an client currently in receipt of PC savings only who is 83. They have an indefinite AIP set.
I have checked the rules and;
When the Assessed Income Period ends early [Legislation 67]

An indefinite AIP will end if your customer:

• starts to be treated as a member of a couple

• stops being treated as a member of a couple (for example, if their partner dies or goes permanently into a care home or they or their partner go into hospital for more than a year)

• goes permanently into a care home • temporarily stops getting a pension or annuity, or the amount they get goes down temporarily (for example, payment of a pension from abroad stops because of problems in the country in question) or the amount they get goes down and they ask for their Pension Credit to be recalculated

• is no longer entitled to Pension Credit
PC10S – A detailed guide to Pension Credit for advisers and others (November 2023) (publishing.service.gov.uk)

The client is was married but had been separated from partner for 25 years. Living in separate homes.
They have a PC claim as a single person.
Husband died in Oct 2023 and as there is no will, client is set to inherit well over 350k through rules of intestacy.
Now under PC rules, will their late husband be classed as a partner and therefore this is a change that needs to be reported to PC?
Any help greatly appreciated.

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Yes, your client’s PC award is as a single person so the AIP doesn’t end because her estranged husband has died. They’re not a couple of PC purposes so the end points you have identified don’t apply.

I would still recommend notifying the Pension Service but her circumstances are unchanged essentially so the AIP still applies.