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Attendance Allowance Helpline

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Anyone else having difficulty connecting to the AA helpline to order an AA form?  I know they were apparently ‘updating their systems’ last week on Thursday and Friday so it was impossible to get through to speak to anyone.  I’ve been trying all day today and it’s been constantly on hold telling me ‘we’re working hard to connect you to someone as quickly as we can’’ but not actually connecting through to anyone.  Now it just cuts me off after the automated message!

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Whilst I know it’s a good idea to ring and order a form as that gets the date of claim locked in nice and early but I wonder if it’s proving such a battle this might not be a case it makes sense to print off a form and send it in without making a call first?

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I know this is a while past the original post but thought it may help still.
Apparently they have a spam filter. I noticed a while ago I couldn’t connect from my work phone, once I selected the option to order a form it cut off. So I started using my personal phone, then today, that cut off at the same point, so used a withheld number and it worked.
Called back used option 3 and spoke to someone, who spoke to someone else, and they told me yes there is a filter and it may have been caught in that. I’ve been advised to write to them, explaining and giving all my details and numbers and asking them to unblock the numbers.

Still baffles me that we can’t order it date stamped online, just put in the dob of applicant and then order to an address. I am glad people can still call and order though as I deal with a lot of people who aren’t able to (or don’t want to) use technology. Depending on the circumstances, my diary etc, I have just used a printed form before but getting the date locked in is nice especially when I know it could be 3/4 weeks before I get a chance to see them.

Will try to remember to update once/if I hear back from them.