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Class 1 NI contributions enough for CB JSA

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Hi there, had a client say that he has been on carer’s allowance for a few years, helping look after his father, his father passed away and he was not able to get CB JSA via the class 1 contributions that would have been paid while he was on CA and I can’t quite figure out why that would be, all my sources. Is that enough NI contributions to get CB JSA, None of my sources say that it wouldn’t be enough. thank you. (He has savings over 16k so not eligible for IR benefits)

C Browne
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Dear Rachel,

I am sure that someone else can explain this better than I but I will try.

When receiving Carers Allowance, a claimant receives Class 1 NI Credits, not payments. This should be enough to satisfy the Second National Insurance Contribution condition for NI-based benefits.

If your client was receiving Carers Allowance in the 12 weeks prior to claiming JSA, then the requirement to have actually paid 26 weeks’ worth of Class 1 National Insurance Contributions in the last 2 complete tax years is extended to the 2 complete tax years prior to the claimant’s Carers Allowance start year, which is treated as being the JSA benefit year.

I think this is right but you can check on Page 94 Disability Rights Handbook Edition 47 2022/2023 or Page 966 CPAG Welfare Benefits Handbook 2022/2023 and the legislation here: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/378/regulation/39

Best Regards