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HMRC TC intermediaries line - not available?

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J Bathie
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Adviser, Money Advice Unit, Herts CC

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Charles - 12 January 2023 03:14 PM

Are you sure you are being put through to the intermediaries team, and not to the regular helpline?

Hi Charles

I rang the intermediaries’ number, got their answer phone message whilst holding, and they went through the security questions to ensure they had the TC689 logged online so I’m pretty certain I was speaking with the correct team.

(Apologies for late reply I was no longer requesting updates on this thread)

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Low Incomes Tax Reform Group

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J Bathie - 12 January 2023 02:24 PM

Just to let you know - when I called again today the agent on the intermediaries’ helpline read out a statement regarding knowingly giving false info could lead to a financial penalty.

This is the first time that has happened - and when I reflected this the member of staff (another new one to me)  just kept saying - oh it’s something we do.

Anyone else had this?



There is a tax credit consultation forum meeting next week, i’ll raise it to see if there has been a change and if so why.