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Law Centres Network applies to be a Core Participant of the Covid-19 Inquiry

shawn mach


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From the Law Centres Network:

In June, the government published the final terms of reference for the Covid-19 Public Inquiry. The Inquiry will examine, consider and report on preparations and the response to the pandemic in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We have instructed the Public Interest Law Centre to apply for Law Centres Network to be designated as a Core Participant in Module 1 of the inquiry. This Module will look at how well-prepared (or ill-prepared) the UK was for Covid-19, and at the implications (or lack thereof) on people, in particular disadvantaged or marginalised groups.

Core Participants have special rights in the Inquiry process. These include receiving documents disclosed in the Inquiry, being represented and making legal submissions to the Inquiry, suggesting questions and receiving advance notice of the Inquiry’s report.

Law Centres are well placed to contribute to this important Inquiry. Throughout the pandemic, they have continued to serve their communities, take on new cases, spotting emerging issues and advocating for better support for people affected. As before, Law Centres have been working with a diverse range of clients, many of which have protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.

We hope to be given the opportunity to convey the lived experience of our clients, communities and members, to assist the Inquiry in finding the truth about this generational catastrophe.

More info: https://www.lawcentres.org.uk/policy/news/news/law-centres-network-applies-to-be-a-core-participant-of-the-covid-19-inquiry