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Benefits for resettled Ukrainians

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hkrishna - 19 April 2022 03:08 PM

Would be up to Welsh Government to amend the Welsh scheme. In the meantime, if any resettled Ukrainians failed HRT for CTR in Wales (or England)

I have just been informed that the CTR regs in Wales need changing, but this won’t happen until 1/4/23!

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Newcastle Council Welfare Rights

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Hi again

I note the advice and thoughts about treatment of capital and income and that the response might be inconsistent. I’m wondering if anyone has had any direct case experience of the DWP’s response to someone having capital in a Ukrainian bank and possibly the DWP saying they do have access to that capital - because - generally the Ukrainian banking system is working. Has someone been able to successfully argue that nevertheless, the problems associated with fleeing the country etc etc makes that capital unavailable to them