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DWP plans for both managed move to UC and voluntary move to UC

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Not sure when the number of complaints received about managed migration became the go-to indicator of success in managed migration.

The ‘core pillars’ DWP wanted to assure themselves of before even moving out of the pilot stage are as follows:

“The three core pillars to assure ourselves of
are: -
- We are able to calculate, explain, pay and erode Transitional Protection
- We are able to engage and persuade claimants to act
- We are able to support claimants through the process (includes their first and subsequent payments)”

Not at all clear that DWP are - even at the height of managed migration - managing to successfully deliver on any of those. 

Big problems, at least in cases I have seen, in calculating, explaining, and paying TP.  DWP acknowledge difficulty engaging claimants and we know large numbers are not moving to UC (with very little information about non-TC only claimants). And very little information about support available to claimants (as the recent NAWRA submission to PAC set out).

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Durham Welfare Rights

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I agree with your point about using complaint numbers to indicate that those criteria for success are met.

NONE of the UCMM cases we have seen at Durham so far have been correctly calculated. But we have lodged MRs and appeals rather than complaints.

Helen Rogers
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Welfare rights officer - Stockport MBC

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Also - 20 is the number of complaints who used the phrase ‘Legacy Move to UC’
How many claimants would use that wording?
Plus - when the number is 20, is it really necessary to round to the nearest 5!?