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Access to Work - COVID easement in business viability test

Victoria Naughton
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Apologies if this is not the right place for this question, wasn’t quite sure where it sits.

To be eligible for Access to Work (ATW) as a self-employed person, you must pass a business viability test in which your turnover ‘should’ be at or above the lower earnings limit (£6240 this year). 

This claimant’s turnover has been reduced due to COVID to below the LEL.  Her previous ATW package has ended and she awaits a renewal decision. 

I can’t find anything which provides for any kind of COVID-related easement in the turnover eligibility for ATW. 

I realise there is some discretion within this scheme and we will go down that route too.  However, does anyone have any thoughts on the absence of a COVID-easement in this test.  Or must we just rely on the individual exercise of discretion.

Much appreciated.