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UC LCW assessment: provider insists on face-to-face interview

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Epping Forest CAB

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Claimant has OCD and social anxiety. No physical issues. He has had a telephone assessment for LCW/LCWRA. The provider has now written to say that they were unable to complete the assessment because they did not obtain enough information from the telephone assessment, and so are insisting on a face-to-face assessment. Claimant wants them to make their recommendation to DWP.

Has anyone come across a refusal to decide of this kind? And how did you handle it?

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Welfare Support Worker - Community Renewal Edinburgh

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I was under the impression that this is the general process at the moment (under Covid).
Unless LCWRA can be established during a phone appointment, the client will have to wait for a face to face assessment.
As I understand it it is just a policy by DWP to be able to process the cases with most obvious health issues.