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child benefits

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I have a client who has got leave to remain but has NO Recourse to Public Funds.She has a son who is British and she is unable to claim any benefits. She is currently struggling financially.
Any idea on how i should advice.

Elliot Kent
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A good start would be to talk to your immigration team to see if the NRPF condition can be lifted as that solves the problem at source. EUSS as a Zambrano carer may also be a possibility worth looking at.

Otherwise, they can still consider applying for some (mainly contributory) benefits such as nsJSA/ESA. If they don’t have the means to support themselves, they can apply to the local authority for assistance under s17 Children Act. There is some material here:

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The Zambrano route was closed to new applicants in May 2019 and they were specifically excluded from child benefit anyway. As already mentioned, if the client is on a route that allows it, she could investigate getting the NRPF lifted - it’s a free application dealt with reasonably quickly.