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Students & Universal Credit

Zany Janey
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Resident Services, Clwyd Alyn Housing Association

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I have a client who is studying a course of full time education at Uni but the course broke up early for the summer break in May and she’s due to return in October. She’s received a Welsh Government Learning Grant which is counted as income for UC purposes.
My question is, why can’t she claim UC during the break from Uni? The rules state she can’t claim UC as she’s receiving education under UC reg 12 but I’m wondering what the logic of that is, if UC reg 68(1) states that student income is disregarded during monthly assessment periods which include the last week of the course or during the long summer vacation?
Has anyone encountered this before and - as I’ve said - can someone explain the logic behind not being able to claim UC but then saying that income is disregarded in certain monthly assessment periods?

Thanks in advance

HB Anorak
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Benefits consultant/trainer -, East London

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The income rules are for students who are entitled to UC, as some are.  A student who is excluded from UC doesn’t get as far as an income calculation, but students who are entitled to UC in principle (lone parents etc) need a set of rules on how to treat their student finance in the means test calculation - that’s who Reg 68 is for.