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CA and Direct Payments

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Hi, have a client who cares for her lodger who has learning difficulties.  He receives Direct Payments and pays her an amount to care for him which is below the earnings limit for CA. Client says she has been told by social services that she cannot claim CA because of the Direct Payments.  I cannot find anything in usual sources to say she cannot.  CA overlaps with her SRP anyway so it is only Carer’s Premium in HB we are interested in.
Might not happen anyway as we haven’t established yet if lodger receives SDP but interested on a point of principle

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I’ve had a chat with our social care specialist and we’re not aware of any such preclusion regarding the right to receive direct payments for social care and making a claim for Carer’s Allowance. Ask them where it is mentioned in the Statutory Guidance - they won’t be able to because it isn’t there..