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Specified Accommodation?

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Housing Team - Assist Trust, Norwich

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Hello All;

Please could someone advise on my query.  I have contacted the LA but awaiting a response, and need to know quite soon.

I work for a Registered Charity, who provide day services to adults with learning disabilities.

We are trying to help with an unmet housing need for some of the adults who attend our day services.

We are hoping to purchase a 3 bedroom property, that will be shared, either:-

Scenario 1 - 3 tenants who have a support worker visit for a few hours per day to help with domestic tasks, household bills etc. 

Scenario 2 - 2 tenants with higher support needs, with a bedroom kept available for an overnight carer.

My question is this:-

As a Registered Charity, would we be considered as providing Category 2 Specified Accommodation?  We would be ‘admitting’ the tenants to the property because of a need for care, support and supervision, but we would be the landlord only.  A separate organisation would provide the care, support and supervision.

I am trying to ascertain if the tenants apply for Housing Benefit/Housing Costs, will their entitlement be capped by the Local Housing Allowance amounts?

If the LHA amounts do not apply, how is best to work out rents to charge?  We are not looking to make excessive profits, just to cover the costs we incur.  Any surplus would be used to help fund further schemes.

Many Thanks for reading and any help you can offer.