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Retaining worker status as a UC claimant with a child under 3. Any experiences?

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WRAMAS - Bristol City Council

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Client circs:
EEA national. No health issues/disability.
Receiving UC whilst working.
Job ended in June.
1 child aged 2 1/2.
Been in UK approximately 2 years. No family here to gain a right to reside through.

Is it possible that UC could decide a claimant in such circumstances is not a ‘jobseeker’, if they are a UC claimant with WFI & work prep requirements, but no work search requirements?

Given the headaches this set of circumstances caused on legacy benefits I was wondering if anyone else had come across a similar situation and might be able to reassure me.

Elliot Kent
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Absolutely no reason you can’t retain status just because UC say you don’t have to look for work. Your client will have to fight against the work coach and insist on continuing to look for work and proving that this is the case.

It should theoretically be less of a headache now because there isn’t the bright line between IS and JSA - its all just UC. Your client should probably use their UC journal to evidence their work search.