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Breakdown of points awarded under activity 9 - social engagement - by condition


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FOI request provides the points scores for claimants, broken down by psychiatric disorder, in the ‘Engaging with other people face to face’ daily living activity.

Elliot Kent
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That’s really quite interesting - good spot.

The figures, I think, relate only to the current caseload - so people who have an existing award and not claims which have been refused.

It’s interesting then that only about 8% of claimants who are categorised mainly by reference to a psychiatric disorder and who get an award manage to do so without scoring under activity 9 - which really shows how crucial it is.

Also interesting is just how clear the divide is between learning disabilities/cognitive impairments/autism cases on the one hand and mood disorders/psychoses/personality disorders etc on the other - with the former many times more likely to get 9c than 9b and the latter pretty much the exact inverse. It might not necessarily be too surprising but it is striking to see it laid out.