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limited capability for work

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below is email I received from a client, she doesn’t manage into office and all contact is via email

I went to health ass.for u.credit they put me down for limited cap for work but said i get no extra money.i was on a disibility element since 2014 of work tax.am i nkt allowed extra since health condition been since 2014?

can anyone confirm this?

Jon (CANY)
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Welfare benefits - Craven CAB, North Yorkshire

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I would read that as saying “Does previous entitlement to the disability element of WTC entitle me to now be paid the LCW element of UC?”

If so, the answer is no. They would need to have been placed in the LCW group prior to when it was abolished in 2017. Entitlement to the disability element of WTC is a different thing, and is usually incompatible with having LCW, due to the differing under/over 16 hours work criteria.

A claimant can still be placed in the LCW group for a new UC claim, and get the work allowance and claimant commitment that goes with it, but to be actually paid the LCW element you need to have been in that group since 2017.