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Jobcentres and evidencing of capital etc

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Hello.  I’ve come across a few cases now where problems have been caused for people having to go into Jobcentres multiple times to provide evidence, and sometimes the same evidence again.  Often in relation to capital - bank statements and letters proving what the capital is.

Procedural/training issues I think in terms of communication between JC and Service centre and what info is required and where it needs to go.  I think mistakes being made that would not have been made by experienced processing staff who understand evidence requirements.

Don’t mean to be picky but it can be so stressful for people to have to provide same info twice and have multiple appointments.

Just wondering if this is a common theme and has been raised/discussed/written about elsewhere.

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This is not just UC. I have a client who claimed legacy ESA in February and was required to attend the JobCentre three times to have passport scanned in order for HRT to be completed. First time the scan never arrived with ESA, second time it arrived but JobCentre hadn’t scanned all pages and one of them had corner folded over concealing essential information. Got sorted in the end but it evidences a lack of care and attention to the job (and disregard for impact on claimants).

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Here too!


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The irony that a person needs to provide evidence of their capital but then go through a separate process to verify their payment account; even if it’s the same account!