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Universal Credit and Students

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Have a client who’s isn’t eligible for Universal Credit as a student normally as doesn’t fit any of the criteria.

The issue is can she make a claim for Universal Credit during the months that her Student Finance don’t cover, or will she still be seen as being on a course and refused benefit?

I assumed she’d be fine, though the bits I’ve read on the subject seem to be saying that she will still be seen as a student as she’s in the middle of a course, and will have no eligibility to UC (it’s really the Housing Costs that she needs).


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I think you’ve answered your own question Alan - unless she meets one of the exceptions that allow students to claim UC whilst studying, then regardless of the vagaries of student finance, she remains a student for UC purposes whilst still enrolled on the course and so can’t be entitled to UC.

Her student finance would only become an issue once she’s actually entitled to UC as far as I can see.