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Scottish Social Security Charter


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The people of Scotland were asked how these new social security powers should be used. They said that the UK system is stressful, complicated and often inhumane.

The Scottish Government is determined do things differently. It has set-up Social Security Scotland to deliver benefits in a more positive and supportive way, based on the fact that social security is a human right.

This approach is more fully described by the eight principles in Section 1 of the Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018 – the law that created the new system:

1. social security is an investment in the people of Scotland
2. social security is itself a human right and essential to the realisation of other human rights
3. the delivery of social security is a public service
4. respect for the dignity of individuals is to be at the heart of the Scottish social security system
5. the Scottish social security system is to contribute to reducing poverty in Scotland
6. the Scottish social security system is to be designed with the people of Scotland on the basis of evidence
7. opportunities are to be sought to continuously improve the Scottish social security system in ways which—
(i) put the needs of those who require assistance first, and
(ii) advance equality and non-discrimination,
8. the Scottish social security system is to be efficient and deliver value for money.

Are ye listening Ms Compassionate Amber Rudd???


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Lets not forget that the DWP also has a Customer Charter… a somewhat more concise document - last updated in 2014.

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am I cynical to wait for the proof in the practice?