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Proving LCW when on UC


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Wythenshawe Community Housing - Financial Inclusion Manager

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If a claimant is awarded LCW after April 17 so doesn’t get the element there appears to be nothing on their UC award notice to say they are in that group? We have done a local welfare provision application and needed to show tenant had LCW (as disability is a criteria for award) and noticed it doesn’t say anything on the award letter.

Anyone else noticed this or know how else it is communicated?


Jeremy Barker
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Citizens Advice North Lincolnshire

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The UC statement won’t show it because no payment is made but there should be something on their journal - they should have been notified of the result of the WCA. In addition, as they have LCW they aren’t subject to all work-related requirements - only to WFI and work preparation - and they should also have been notified of that.

Dan Manville
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Mental health, Wolverhampton CC Welfare Rights

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The code for the decision letter is a UCD81; at least it would be if it was LCWWRA as well as LCW

Income Max
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Weymouth & Portland Citizens Advice

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The payment statement does say if someone has LCW, but it’s not easy to find. You have to read through all the small text at the bottom.

Right at the bottom of the payment statement is a section on entitlement to free prescriptions etc. Just above or below this the statement will say “You had take home earnings of £x”. If someone has LCW then it should also say “You have limited capability for work”.