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New Enterprise Allowance Scheme


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Client wishes to claim the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme (“NEAS”), however has not paid any NI Conts for approx. 5 years and partner’s income is approx. £30k and savings in excess of £16k etc. Can client still apply for the NEAS whilst claiming ESA or U/C (on the grounds of sickness) knowing that he/she will not receive any payment as such but only NI Conts themselves, or must client actually be in the position of receiving the out of work monetary payment itself.
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During a lull in a UC session at local library found this.

The attached providers guidance dating back to 2016 suggests JSA and ESA credits (LCW/LCWRA) only claims may apply. Have a look at claimant group eligibility.

By the time i got to the UC bit, my brain rebelled, and refused to go any further!


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