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Defintion of hospital patient for AA if not in hospital during the day + escalation points for AA


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Hi all

I have an elderly client with leukemia.  His diagnosis looks like it is terminal unless he can get a bone marrow transplant.

I have applied for AA for him.  I applied on 4/4/18 and his AA has still not been paid.

He was admitted to hospital for a few weeks and was there full time, until recent weeks when he has returned home during the day, then back to hospital at night.

I have had a look a p.910 of CPAG 2017/18.  I am unclear whether he counts as a hospital patient for AA if he is not at hospital during the day?

Also - does anyone have the contact details for AA decision makers/dispute resolution team?


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My understanding is that your client needs to have at least one overnight stay for the current hospital admission to cease for benefit purposes.

I’m not aware of an escalation point for AA, or PC, unfortunately.