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New Style JSA claims - if all else fails take your Mum!


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Erudite quote below from a client’s Mum regarding a client who has capital over the £16,000.00 threshold was advised to claim UC by local jobcentre earlier in the year, that claim is still be decided because he has provided evidence that he has capital over the threshold, yeah so anyway….....................

We advised that he had an arguable case for New Style JSA, he claimed it. He attended his interview at jobcentre with his Mum fortunately!

See Mum’s extracts below taken from her email to us.

‘They wanted to know who had suggested New Style JSA, saying it should be Universal Credit instead.  Seams to me they get fixed on one subject and dont have the capacity to use their brains on alternatives’. 

‘was told it may take up to 4 weeks for money to come through which he told them was nothing compared to the 4 months so far’.

‘I hope that dosent cause you any trouble’.