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What people who use rightsnet say about us

rightsnet receives millions of visits a year from advisers across the UK -

'By far the fastest ... most user friendly way to keep right uptodate' ... 'Essential to the job, I can't imagine being without it' ... 'Transforms welfare rights advice, it's absolutely brilliant' ... 'Seems to get better each week'

Feedback from our recent survey of rightsnet users included -

'It's impossible to overstate the difference rightsnet has made to my work and how it has impacted on my clients. Suffice to say without having access to rightsnet, I probably wouldn't be in paid or unpaid advice work. rightsnet is the University of Welfare Rights.'

'rightsnet has not only helped improve the knowledge, quality and expansion of the area of my work, it has assisted me with providing third tier advice work, training and update information in order to help support, guide and other advisers to help their clients. rightsnet has been a valuable source of reference for me, especially when I am unable to get access other materials needed in order to do my job adequately.'

'In brief, I think rightsnet is the most wonderful tool ever, I would be lost without it, It is invaluable.'

'rightsnet is THE essential tool to keep up to date and to use as reference source, with links to legislation etc. I ensure that all my staff see relevant news items, on a daily basis.'

'rightsnet is an invaluable source of current and easily accessible information and source material for welfare rights advice and a useful sounding board for working through areas of uncertainty, particularly for those of us working on our own and having no other possibility of discussion on complex topics.'

'rightsnet is the first place I look for details of new regulations, caselaw etc as it is so quickly updated it means I can spend more time advising other CAB workers on how to help their clients. The discussion forum is also helpful to identify new points to argue if a client has been refused benefit and is useful for the sharing of tips and tactics which clients ultimately benefit from.'

'rightsnet is by far the best place to get up to date information. It is also the best for information sharing. Good welfare rights advice often has knock on effects in other areas (e.g. in managing debt, or providing the support needed for someone to improve their lot by studying or training). Engaging in 'debates' on the forums has improved my confidence and my ability to research material. I take on cases of increasing difficulty and the outcomes are often very positive. I have saved people from eviction, and clients' improved financial situation has led to improvements in their health. For some, the process of having someone stand up for them either with authorities such as the DWP or at Tribunal has resulted in a change in attitude with all sorts of knock on effects. I would not be nearly so good at what I do if it had not been for rightsnet.'

'Without rightsnet I could not provide the current level of help and support to my team and to our clients. It gives us the confidence that our advice is correct and up to date. It allows us to anticipate changes in law so that we can act in a timely manner to ultimately maximise benefit entitlement. rightsnet is an invaluable tool in appeal work or indeed dealing with the complexities of law. Having use of rightsnet means we do not have to turn clients away … It is hard to estimate the financial gains for our clients but it is a fact that without rightsnet our success rate would be lower and some enquiries could not be dealt with. … I have used the site to help develop me professionally as well as other welfare rights workers. I highly recommend the website and its use in the provision of high quality welfare rights advice.'

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What others say about rightsnet -

  • 'People receive better benefits advice through services such as rightsnet' (The Cabinet Office)
  • 'As far as online services are concerned, there is little to beat rightsnet. This site contains a wealth of resources for people working in the welfare benefits field.' (Sweet & Maxwell, publishers of the Social Security Law Volumes)
  • 'One site I love is rightsnet. This site brings together all the people in the UK who give people advice on their welfare entitlements. It's a place where you can find the latest news or seek the advice of your peers on an issue you are uncertain about. rightsnet creates a huge amount of value for citizens by linking up people with similar interests and aims, irrespective of what organisation they belong to.' (CISCO Systems)
  • 'Sites like rightsnet ... provide ways for people to get access to information and informal advice online which would be very hard to get any other way' (Work and Pensions Minister)