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Ex gratia payments for former prisoners of the Japanese in WW2
Hi, Someone who had been paid a £10,000 ex gratia payment from the Secretary of State died and all their capital passed to their widow. The widow s
fincm90007-Jun-10 02:21 PM
by roecab3
nepalese woman coming to uk ...
... while her husband (ex-british army) remains in hong-kong ... hello all ! and does anybody have any ideas as to whether this person could claim
Sayo07-Jun-10 01:04 PM
by nevip
Can anyone tell me where I can get a supply of PC10s (and IS10s)? These are the forms to confirm that someone in receipt of MRC/HRC/AA fits the rules
anned03-Jun-10 11:59 AM
by anned
a client lives in her own home and Pension Credit paying mortgage interest. She has now to move to Sheltered Housing due to ill health. She will con
higginsa29-Apr-10 11:46 AM
by Seal
Terminology from April for PC qualifying age
As most of you are probably aware the state retirement age for women begins to increase in April which will effect PC, winter fuel payments etc. I
AGodfrey19-Apr-10 12:01 PM
by Tony Bowman
Changes to other benefits for people aged over 60?
Hello I had an enquiry via email this week and was wondering if anyone else had had any similar enquiries or if this is correct? "I am 60 on Augus
dabd_uk06-Apr-10 10:13 AM
by rspence
PC Notifications
We're getting feedback from some users that there's been a change in the notifications, possibly only on renewal or review, that means that there is n
Gareth Morgan24-Mar-10 12:14 PM
by Gareth Morgan
Pension Credit Overpayment arising during an Assessed Income Period
My client had an award of PC with a 5-year assessed income period from 2004-2009. She inherited a large amount of capital in 2006. She did not tell TP
ebgold16-Mar-10 03:00 PM
by SimonMee
Pension Credit and loss of Occ pens due to Debt Relief order
Hi does anyone know if a client loses their occ pen due to a debt relief order, will pension credit reassess taking into account the reduced income
perennial08-Mar-10 03:57 PM
by Derek
Transfer from Income Support to Pension Credit
I am wondering about claimants who were automatically changed onto Pension Credit from Income Support in October 2003 and did not have to make a new c
benefit_advisor12-Feb-10 07:51 AM
by benefit_advisor
Bulgarian National and Pension
Please please help I am not good with PENSIONS at all. 75years old lady Bulgarian national joined family in January 2010 she is getting pension in Bu
Antonina11-Feb-10 01:50 PM0269
Pension Credit and SDP for a couple
Hi all On the scrounge for some advice as I am struggling to get my head around the following situation - Yesterday I saw a couple I have been
frodo10-Feb-10 05:42 PM
by ariadne2
Can someone be a worker and a workseeker at the same time?
I have a cl who is appealing a decision that he is not entitled to Pension Credit because his wife is not a qualified person. For some of the time in
Judy Harris08-Feb-10 12:29 PM
by Judy Harris
DWP Interest on essential home maintenance
Can anybody help? We have a client on pension credit that is receiving a local authority grant and is having to make a contribution of their own of £3
john dulwich04-Feb-10 07:27 PM
by ariadne2
Pension Credit (Mortgage Interest Payments)
Hi all, Can anyone help? Iím assisting a client with an appeal against a decision that has refused him mortgage interest payments (Pension Credit)
Cookie01-Feb-10 03:50 PM
by Cookie
Pension Credit disregarded capital
Hi, I am dealing with my first Upper Tier Tribunal Case and i am looking for some guidance. Can anybody give me a definitive meaning of a 'deci
eagaclarke21-Jan-10 12:41 PM
by Dan_manville
Immigration and Pension Credit
Please can someone help in an area I know little about. Gentleman over 65 returns from China with a wife aged 53. She has a '2 year visa'. He claim
tlerwill14-Jan-10 01:38 PM
by tlerwill
pension credit service charges
Good morning everyone, happy new year. I have a client who has recently claimed PC. Her income is £170 per week and she receives mortgage interest
dominic1306-Jan-10 12:12 PM
by sovietleader
Difficulty contacting Pension Service re R2R appeal
I am dealing with a PC appeal. It was an advance claim before the claimant reached 60. She was refused as they say she does not have R2R. I have subm
AMuller22-Dec-09 10:16 AM
by AMuller
Changes to pension credit ag
Morning I know i have seen something about the changes to pension credit age but i cannot remember now. I know state pension is changing from 2010
Jro121-Dec-09 10:43 AM
by Jon_Blackwell
Pension Credit (& IS) for CHC cases in Homes
I have an elderly lady who is fully funded in a nursing home by the NHS under Continuing Health Care funding. She has just her SRP and a bit of tari
jimpepin18-Dec-09 09:38 AM
by SimonMee
Holocaust victim compensation payments from Germany
My client is an elderly Jewish lady who lost her family in WWII. She came to England before the war and escaped persecution. The German Government
jimpepin16-Dec-09 09:04 AM
by Gareth_Mitchell
IIDB entitlement at Pension Age
After three phonecalls and over 17 minutes being subjected to the delightfull tunes of the Pension Service, i am none the wiser with regard to a quest
Casework team10-Dec-09 03:06 PM
by ariadne2
second property
Afternoon folks Client, 62 claimed JSA (C) from May - November 20th. Is now trying to apply for PC's. Situation is that both he and his wife live i
dominic1325-Nov-09 03:21 PM0485
PC & Housing Costs
Hi, My client claimed PCGC from 01-03-08 and has asked for major works bill to be considered along with her service charge. Pension service state t
roecab324-Nov-09 05:44 PM
by roecab3
maintenance payments in retirement
For pension savings credit, is it correct that any maintenance received (in this case legally separated) is counted in full for income and reducing an
sanwyp24-Nov-09 03:35 PM
by SimonMee
Can anyone tell me if the equalisation of SPA will have an effect on Pension Credit? ie. will the current entitlement age of 60 for Pension Credit als
wba19-Nov-09 07:12 PM
by sanwyp
AIP and capital
My client was getting a large amount of GPC. He then sold their large home and bought a small one. They have ended up with a profit of about £100Th.
ASH19-Nov-09 07:04 PM
by sanwyp
Pension credit - deprivation of benefits?
Good afternoon everyone Please could I have some advice? I recently visited a resident (they are a couple both getting AA aged 81 applicable am
Jro118-Nov-09 04:37 PM
by Jro1
Performance stats
We have just seen pension centre stats showing they are reasonably on target for change of circ. We have a client who has been told by local team tha
Seal18-Nov-09 11:02 AM
by andyp4