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Record of Proceedings query
I attended an PCA appeal in Manchester and felt that my clients evidence, via an interpreter, fell exactly as the descritors indicated in the written
Sunil10-Jun-10 05:32 PM
by ariadne2
Incompete TAS Enquiry Form
Hi guys, just looking for thoughts on the following situation- Client came to see me following an unsuccesful paper heaing of his ESA appeal. This
frodo10-Jun-10 03:54 PM
by ros.white
tribunal or mags...
i was in the process of getting a LTAHAW appeal to tribunal for a client, last thing i did was submissions, then fax to TAS to find out when tribunal
clairehodgson07-Jun-10 04:08 PM
by Neil Bateman
Copying caselaw to the people who wrote it...
I've just been preparing an application for leave to appeal and have sent it with none of the caselaw I have referred to appended. I wonder whethe
Dan_manville03-Jun-10 08:07 PM
by ariadne2
Investigation, overpayment guilty but not
Fraud Investigation, the client was charged & convicted but there was no recoverable overpayment. I would be grateful for any comments, or direction o
Derbyshire27-May-10 07:18 AM
by clairehodgson
Premature revision
Hello people, hoping someone can help with this case of the DM getting a bit too keen. Child DLA claim was refused. I put in a revision request with a
gcharter25-May-10 05:50 PM
by ariadne2
Lost files at the Tribunals Service ASC
Here at Brum we have seen a significant number of appeal files lost by the Administrative Support Centre The system seems to have descended into chaos
Dan_manville21-May-10 02:49 PM
by Peter Turville
LEAN is a new managerial model being piloted by the Tribunals Service in Reading, Oxford, Coventry and Stoke. It's been progressing since January this
Dan_manville20-May-10 11:53 AM
by 1964
lawful entitlement
When a person needs to be in receipt of a qualifying benefit to get another does he need to be in receipt of the qualifying benefit lawfully or does m
nevip19-May-10 11:49 AM
by nevip
Teixeira / Ibrahim Guidance DMG Memo 30/10
See the rightsnet news story of today regarding this. Just a quick note: 1. At para 7(1) of the guidance it appears the DWP position is that the
Martin Williams18-May-10 06:46 PM
by clairehodgson
length of time taken to provide written statement of reasons
I know the answer to this is probably in the depths of this topic, but as I'm lazy...can anybody point me in the direction of the caselaw about how lo
crazyfeminist18-May-10 01:03 PM
by nevip
Missing appeal papers
I wondered if others have been experiencing this problem - me and my colleague have had to adjourn our last few appeals (or about to adjourn) as neith
Sam Warburton18-May-10 09:32 AM
by Dan_manville
Most bizarre tribunal event
A friday afternoon posting this: What is the most bizarre thing that has happened to you in the course of an appeal? I've arrived to find the ju
chrissmith14-May-10 12:45 PM
by nevip
Request for cases from CPAG
CPAG has contacted us to say that it would like to hear about cases where decision making has been delayed in 'Baumbast' rights cases - [blockquote
ros.white13-May-10 11:24 AM
by ros.white
Does the hearing still need to go ahead?
Hi there, A question on behalf of one of my colleagues. She is working with someone who was on income support due to being a lone parent, who w
deniseb11-May-10 08:48 PM
by ariadne2
One appeal delaying another?
Another question! One of my clients failed her PCA for IS and we appealed in July 2009. I recently queried why we had not received a hearing date
deniseb11-May-10 02:26 PM
by stainsby
Appeal success rate?
Can anyone point me towards any information which shows the national average of tribunal outcomes?
Steve30-Apr-10 01:42 PM
by Tony Bowman
Repayment of Overpayment - 30 years on
My client (64yo lady) rang the Pension Service last year but didnít know her NINO. They kindly offered to find out what it was and produced a NINO six
scarcab20-Apr-10 01:39 PM
by mairir
Child Support Agency Appeal
HELP: I am supporting a client who is appealing the revised amount the absent parent has been calculated to pay. As part of the calculation the absen
Quinn20-Apr-10 09:47 AM
by johnwilson
Gathering evidence for an Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit appeal
Hi Sorry if this seems to be a simplistic question, this is my first Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit appeal. The client was only asses
iut04419-Apr-10 07:53 PM
by clairehodgson
When someone has an appointee should the client attend the appeal?
Hi I have a eighteen year old client who has ADHD, he is able to communicate to a certain extent and I don't think he would be aggressive in a trib
iut04419-Apr-10 12:49 PM
by iut044
Complaint and Statement of Reasons
A client lodged a complaint with the Regional Tribunal Judge regarding the conduct and aggressive questioning techniques of the FT Tribunal on his ESA
johnwilson16-Apr-10 09:09 AM
by johnwilson
Re-instating IS after winning an appeal.
Client failed a PCA and appealed, claiming JSA in the meantime. He won the appeal two months ago but when I checked with him yesterday he told me that
Herbert15-Apr-10 10:02 AM
by nevip
Trying to find R(U)13/52
Does anyone have a copy of this case? If I read a reference to it once more in a DWP sub I will chew the carpet. There must be something in it I can
judithd06-Apr-10 02:43 PM
by judithd
Self sufficiency and right to reside
Hi all, I wonder if people could let me know about cases where the DWP argue before the tribunal that in order to have a right to reside on the bas
Martin Williams30-Mar-10 04:46 PM0371
Time limits for appeals in social security cases - request for evidence
we've been contacted by the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council (AJTC) who are looking for evidence o
shawn29-Mar-10 11:04 AM
by Casework team
Fraud and Tribunals
Hi, I'm reping in an overpayment of DLA due to employment inconsistent with disability appeal, which was looking quite hopeful as client called DCS
suewelsh25-Mar-10 09:30 AM
by paulmack
Defective claims - right of appeal
My understanding is that there is no right of appeal against 'defective claim' decisions (sch 2, para 5(f) D+A Regs). I've been told by our new cla
Tony Bowman24-Mar-10 02:48 PM
by Tony Bowman
Appeal date set but appellant is in prison.
I am repping a chap who has just been recalled to prison for breaching his licence and is now on remand. He went back to prison on 26/12/09 In the me
Herbert23-Mar-10 02:43 PM
by Herbert
lapsing appeals
Whose responsibility is it to lapse an appeal - The Tribunal Service or the Respondent? I have a case where the decision before appeal has been fav
Tony Bowman19-Mar-10 09:50 AM
by Martin Williams