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Greater Manchester undertaking restrospective WCA's?
Tue 23-Mar-10 12:00 PM

Tue 23-Mar-10 12:51 PM by shawn

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manchester evening news

Very interested to read this this morning, not only are new claimants having to do the tests, but so are existing claimants.

I'm presuming this also those already claiming IB, so those having passed the IB test will now have to pass the WCA. Now from what I've seen, and I very very rarely deal with Working-Age Benefits, when this happens the claimant invariably fails and is put onto JSA.

Just interested in peoples views on this, do people in the Manchester advice and benefits service think this is going to increase their workload massively or just by a small amount.

I must admit I was shocked to read that throughout Manchester 1 in 10 working age adults is 'off and on'sickness benefits, although I know thats the case where I live. I cant believe all these claims are genuine, but think this might a bit of a heavy handed way to deal with it!



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John Birks

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RE: Greater Manchester undertaking restrospective WCA's?
Wed 24-Mar-10 08:24 AM

Wed 24-Mar-10 08:24 AM by John Birks

Massively. Possibly.....

The ESA test removes the 'sometimes' points which may be where people have passed before.

Also the combining of activities reduces the scope for someone passing the IB test with physical points alone.

Maybe the pilot is being introduced here as there are many excellent advice and advocacy services available.

Better here than somewhere with little advice provision.



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