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NAWRA, Durham, Friday 11th June 2010
Hi there Just wanted to draw your attention to the next NAWRA meeting, taking place at County Hall, Durham, on 11th June 2010. The agenda i
Alan Markey09-Jun-10 04:10 PM
by gcharter
Welfare Reform Bill - Hold onto your hats!
The Bill has been announced and, from the summary, it seems more far-reaching than expected. Hence, more complex for us. “The tax and benefits s
Gareth Morgan07-Jun-10 12:57 PM
by ASH
Contracted Advice Agencies Network (CAAN)
NEW MEMBERS WELCOME, Open to any NfP agency with LSC Contracts CONTRAC TED ADVICE AGENCIES NETWORK AGENDA 11 March 2010 At Carrs Lane Chur
steve_h02-Jun-10 03:30 PM
by steve_h
My MP's a DWP minister!
My MP Maria Miller is the new junior minister at DWP (portfolio unspecified so far). Anybody with experience of having a DWP minster as MP - what sho
ariadne202-Jun-10 08:19 AM
by bensup
Hi Everyone Just wondering if anyone has come across any bad practices or stories concerning CDFI's (especially when people default on loans) th
Sarah @ Melin27-May-10 09:24 AM
by nevip
Public Legal Education Network research report
attached link to the new Public Legal Education Network (PLENET)research report - [a href="http://www.ple net.org.uk/data/file s/knowledge-capabili ty-a
ros.white21-May-10 03:20 PM0112
Welfare to work
The new Government says it will end all current welfare to work programmes and create a single welfare-to-work programme. Do we know what's encompass
rwils20-May-10 09:40 AM
by jj
Con-Dem Nation
I couldn't resist coining that I'm afraid. What expectations do we have from this 'government' in welfare rights terms and how should we approach t
Gareth Morgan14-May-10 08:18 PM
by clairehodgson
Re: Child Poverty Commission
the Child Poverty Act was passed in March 2010. has anyone heard what's happening about setting up the Child Poverty Commission - it seems to be very
jj10-May-10 01:18 PM0206
Re: Jobcentre apologizes to Jedi Jobseeker
the force is strong in this one. a complaint response in 3 days!!!! http://w ww.theregister.co.uk /2010/03/16/jobcentr e_jedi/
jj06-May-10 11:41 AM
by pete c
Support legal aid!!
The Alliance for Legal Aid has urged people to write to their newly elected or re-elected MP to highlight why legal aid is important and should be pro
steve_h05-May-10 10:40 AM0161
LSC funding
I hope someone can assist with this or point me in an appropriate direction. We are soon to put in a bid for an LSC contract. I'm trying to find out i
Dave Coughlan20-Apr-10 03:11 PM
by Dave Coughlan
ILF to be restricted to those in work?
Just saw a press release on the ILF website that appears to suggest that from May 2010 they will only be accepting new applications from people who ar
Derek S06-Apr-10 12:08 PM
by BrianSmith
How long do we legally need to keep client records?
We are a small welfare rights/housing/debt advice service in Manchester and just wanted to find out how long we legally have to keep client files and
danharp25-Mar-10 08:23 AM
by danharp
Greater Manchester undertaking restrospective WCA's?
(Edited to shorten link) manchester evening
Emma197324-Mar-10 08:24 AM
by John Birks
A new career
"Benefit informers could be given share of cash saved Proposals to encourage people to inform on benefit cheats are being examined by Labour's mani
Gareth Morgan11-Mar-10 01:42 PM
by Gareth Morgan
Website to discuss the LSC bid process
Go to the following link for up to date information regarding the LSC bid round. http://leg alaidandme.proboards .com/index.cgi? T his is open to a
steve_h09-Mar-10 07:47 AM0258
all change at the LSC ...
... from lasa policy news ... New vision for legal aid delivery[
shawn08-Mar-10 10:57 AM
by shawn
free childcare related training for voluntary and community sector advisers
the Daycare Trust is running free training for voluntary sector advisers on 'Childcare information and advocacy' and 'Help with childcare costs' ...
shawn01-Mar-10 12:30 PM
by Paul Treloar_GB
Local Authority Child Poverty Innovation Pilot
new DCSF report .... 'The Local Authority Innovation Pilot is one of a suite of pilot programmes announced in Ending child poverty: ever
shawn26-Feb-10 09:32 AM0252
LSC cuts
The LSC, under it's 'procurment plan', has slashed our funding (and several neighbouring counties) by 50%. If this 'sticks' and no replacement fundin
Tony Bowman25-Feb-10 08:02 PM
by clairehodgson
Landlords pushing up rents to take advantage of HB rules
from the times .... 'Landlords are exploiting high housing benefit rates set by the Government to push up rents in the private sector,
shawn23-Feb-10 12:19 PM
by Dan_manville
Hurray, Workfare is here!
Following the minister's statement I have a couple of questions "I am happy to be able to confirm that we are going ahead with that proposal. In
Gareth Morgan15-Feb-10 03:27 PM
by rspence
NAWRA, Cardiff, Friday 5th March 2010
Hi everyone I just wanted to confirm that the next NAWRA meeting will be held on Friday 5th March 2010 at the All Nations Centre, Sachville Aven
Alan Markey15-Feb-10 01:45 PM
by Gareth Morgan
Data sharing to tackle worklessness
exciting new DWP guide @ http://www.dwp. gov.uk/docs/datashar ingguide.pdf
shawn12-Feb-10 03:26 PM0279
Benefit answers website
The following website has been brought to our attention: http:/ /www.benefitanswers. co.uk/ It claims to offer free advice, yet asks their clients
paulmack27-Jan-10 06:39 PM
by clairehodgson
WRA Cymru Meeting January 29th Llandrindod Wells
The next WRAC meeting takes place in The Media Resource Centre, Oxford Road on Friday at 10.30. All advisers in Wales welcome. The agenda can be f
Gareth Morgan27-Jan-10 01:08 PM0203
social care Green Paper and disability benefits
Just had a quick look at the new Green Paper 'Shaping the future of care together'. As reported on Rightsnet news pages it includes proposals in chapt
Derek S09-Dec-09 03:13 PM
by shawn
"Government to provide extra 'employment help' to carers"
Is there any reason (apart from the country's bankruptcy) why the government cannot allow WTC for carers at 16 hours? I seem to remember that HMRC w
stevegale08-Dec-09 05:30 PM0421
Mind your language!
Today’s rightsnet news story on ID cards contains the following extract from government guidance: “'Custo mer facing staff will need to be able to r
nevip08-Dec-09 04:33 PM0426