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7 July, 2020 Open access

Government confirms plan to double the number of work coaches in jobcentres by March 2021

Work and Pensions Secretary says central pillar of 'plan for recovery and revival' will see the 'ramping up' of jobcentre capability

Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey has confirmed the government's plan to double the number of work coaches in jobcentres by March 2021.

In an article that first appeared in the Telegraph at the weekend, the Secretary of State says that -

'Through the rapidly designed and expertly delivered furlough scheme, we have prevented thousands of businesses from going to the wall and protected millions of jobs. But we have always said we cannot save every one.

And for those who have already lost or do lose their jobs because of this pandemic, we must make sure we are able to support them back into work as swiftly as we can.'

To this end, Ms Coffey says that the government has a 'plan for recovery and revival' and that -

'I can reveal a central pillar of that plan: ramping up our jobcentre Work Coach capability. We are doubling their number to 27,000 by March, with 4,500 of them due to be in post by October. '

NB - while public access to jobcentres was restricted in March 2020, with thousands of staff moved to focus on processing new claims as part of the government’s effort to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Work and Pensions Minister Mims Davies confirmed last week that, from 1 July 2020, claimants can make an appointment to see their work coach at a jobcentre if they can’t get the help they want online or over the phone.

For more information, see It's key for jobcentres to help people back to their feet from