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4 August, 2020 Open access

Extending eligibility for SSP to cover people who are self-isolating in line with new guidance from Public Health England

New statutory instrument

New regulations have been issued that extend eligibility for statutory sick pay (SSP) to cover people who are self-isolating in line with Public Health England guidance published on 30 July 2020.

NB - the new guidance advises that anyone having to self-isolate after 30 July 2020 because they have tested positive for coronavirus or have symptoms of coronavirus are advised to do so for 10 days instead of seven. However existing regulations only ensure that a person is eligible for SSP for seven days if they are self-isolating because they have symptoms.

As a result, in force from 5 August 2020, the Statutory Sick Pay (General) (Coronavirus Amendment) (No. 5) Regulations 2020 (SI.No.829/2020) amend Schedule 1 to the Statutory Sick Pay (General) Regulations 1982 to ensure that a person is entitled to SSP for the full period for which they are required to self-isolate, and for the period a person is required to stay at home after testing positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).

SI.No.829/2020 is available from