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Welfare rights news

29 June, 1998

New Rules on Suspension of Benefit coming into force 30th June 1998

The Social Security (Claims and Payments) Amendment Regs 1998.

29 June, 1998

Latest BIP Figures

Figures as of end of April 1998

20 June, 1998

BIP cases to be reviewed

Pre-February decisions to be looked at again

4 June, 1998

Insurance Payments Disregarded

Changes to income disregards from 1st June 1998

4 June, 1998

Disabled Person’s Tax Credit a response by Lorna Reith

Disability Alliance's submission to the Social Security Select Committee

27 May, 1998

The Future of DLA & AA by Andrew Matheson WRU NACAB London Region

A response to the DLA Board Discussion Paper

22 May, 1998

BIP Figures at the end of March

Select Committee Fourth Report

21 May, 1998

Select Committee on Social Security Fourth Report


14 May, 1998

Benefit Rates 1998-1999

A Quick Guide

14 May, 1998

BAMS Complaints Process Review

DIAL UK involved in consultation

14 May, 1998

‘New Deal’ for disabled people

More details in Review

14 May, 1998

‘New Deal’ for Disabled People

Article from DIAL UK

12 May, 1998

Benefit Rates 1998-1999

A Quick Guide

11 May, 1998

Social Security Bill - a further change

Change dropped

8 May, 1998

New Handbook available from Disability Alliance

23rd Edition

8 May, 1998

Green Paper Briefing from Disability Alliance

Prepared by Lorna Reith

8 May, 1998

BIP Briefing from Disability Alliance

The Benefits Integrity Project

7 May, 1998

The Green Paper

An overview from LASA of the main points.

7 May, 1998

Budget News

Impact on benefits of the Chancellor's March 17th statement