Welfare rights

2 April, 2001

‘Jobcentre Plus’ and ‘The Pension Service’

DSS rebrand help for the unemployed and pensioners

30 March, 2001

Asylum Seekers and Funeral Payments

New amendment regulations to be laid

29 March, 2001

Tax Credits Uprating

Inland Revenue publish SI

28 March, 2001

Permitted Totals

New HB/CTB regulations

28 March, 2001

HB Appeals to the Commissioners

New rules from July 2001

27 March, 2001

New Deal for Lone Parents

Guidance re Personal Adviser meetings

27 March, 2001

Inherited SERPS and Additional Pensions

New rules from October 2002

23 March, 2001

Decisions and Appeals for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit

New SI published

23 March, 2001

Changes to the therapeutic work rule from April 2002

DSS issue press release

21 March, 2001

Up-rating Regulations 2001

New SI published

21 March, 2001

Industrial Injuries Permitted Earnings Limits

New SI published

20 March, 2001

Lasa calls for low cost and unmetered internet access

On-line petition

19 March, 2001

Hospital Downrating

Reduction from 40% to 39%

16 March, 2001

Bereavement Benefits and Reciprocal Agreements

New SI published

16 March, 2001

Asylum Support Rates

Refugee Council calls for change

15 March, 2001

‘Coming Soon’ Benefits Updater

A quick guide to forthcoming benefit changes

14 March, 2001

New Deal ‘Phase Two’

Employment Green Paper

13 March, 2001

Tax Credits and Maternity

New rules from April 2001

13 March, 2001

Medical Assessments and SEMA

National Audit Office report