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26 June, 2017

Government sets out proposed post-Brexit benefit rights of EU nationals living in the UK

Policy paper seeks to provide EU citizens with certainty about their future, with expectation that rights will be reciprocated for UK nationals living in the EU

26 June, 2017

Government makes agreement with the DUP that there will be no change to the pensions triple lock and the universal nature of the winter fuel payment

‘Confidence and Supply Agreement' means that the DUP will support the Conservative government on votes on the Queen’s Speech, the Budget, and legislation relating to Brexit and national security

26 June, 2017

LHA freeze means more than a million households could be at risk of homelessness by 2020, says Shelter

Analysis finds that, of these households, more than half are likely to contain dependent children

22 June, 2017

DWP issues new guidance in relation to High Court benefit cap case

Department says that it has considered the Court's judgment and is taking steps to appeal it

22 June, 2017

More than one million claimants returned to Jobcentre Plus at the end of two years on the Work Programme

New DWP statistics also show that 8 per cent of those returning to Jobcentre Plus after two years had three or six months in work during their time on the scheme

21 June, 2017

Social Security (Scotland) Bill introduced

Bill transposes eleven benefits with devolved responsibility onto a Scottish legislative platform

21 June, 2017

11 per cent fall in numbers receiving council tax reduction in Scotland

New Scottish Government statistics

20 June, 2017

Decisions relating to ill health and disability benefits are often made with insufficient medical evidence, says Citizens Advice Scotland

New report highlights that there are opportunities to rethink the way medical evidence is gathered and assessed

16 June, 2017

HMRC’s methodology for producing fraud and error statistics questioned

In addition, LITRG recommends that HMRC should provide better support to claimants to prevent errors entering the system in the first place

16 June, 2017

DWP ministerial responsibilities post-election 2017

Ministers take on new responsibilities for financial inclusion, family support, housing and child maintenance

16 June, 2017

Contributory benefit rates are 'much below' international minimum standards, says International Labour Organisation

Report on the ILO Social Security Convention also says UK Government appears deaf to common European and international objectives of social protection

15 June, 2017

HMRC errors led to reductions in tax credit payments of £30 million in 2015/2016

New statistics also highlight more than 400,000 claimant errors, with a value of £170 million, that favoured HMRC

14 June, 2017

79 per cent of reassessed DLA mandatory reconsiderations result in no change to PIP award

New DWP statistics also show that 84 per cent of PIP new claims reconsiderations result in no change to the award

14 June, 2017

34,000 claimants started on universal credit in the month to 11 May 2017

New DWP statistics show this represents the lowest number of monthly starts since June 2016

13 June, 2017

Means-testing the winter fuel payment would adversely affect poorest pensioners, says Independent Age

Analysis shows that poorest pensioners could lose more than 7 per cent of their income after housing costs

11 June, 2017

David Gauke appointed as new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Appointment of former chief secretary to the Treasury part of post-Election 2017 cabinet reshuffle

08 June, 2017

64 per cent of social security appeals overturned in favour of the claimant in quarter to March 2017

New Ministry of Justice statistics also report that appeal receipts are up by 67 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2016

08 June, 2017

86 per cent of ESA assessment outcomes are not revised following mandatory reconsideration

New DWP statistics also show that just 7 per cent of fit for work disputes are revised in the claimant’s favour following mandatory reconsideration

08 June, 2017

Scottish Government confirms interim extension of Scottish Welfare Fund to mitigate cuts to housing support for 18 to 21 year-olds

Letter to Scottish Social Security Committee advises that guidance on administering support will be tested and refined following feedback from local authorities and the third sector to ensure consistency of practice across Scotland

05 June, 2017

Tribunals caseworker ‘delegation scheme’ to continue for a further twelve months

Scheme provides for caseworkers to be able to carry out all decisions that a judge may make except ‘substantive final decisions’

05 June, 2017

Scottish Social Security Committee highlights the lack of a proper Equality Impact Assessment of the two child limit in tax credits and universal credit

Letters to Work and Pensions Secretary and Scottish Social Security Minister also criticise the failure to publicise the policy in advance of implementation

02 June, 2017

Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill unanimously approved at first stage

Bill will mean Scotland will become the only part of the UK with statutory income targets on child poverty

31 May, 2017

DWP awards £2.5 million appointment booking solution contract for universal credit to Booking Bug

One year contract will handle between 21 million and 25 million annual appointments

30 May, 2017

First benefits to be delivered by Scottish Government will be carer’s allowance, best start grant, and funeral expense assistance

Plans will be laid out to Parliament in June 2017 when Social Security Bill is published

30 May, 2017

Scottish Government awarded almost 113,000 discretionary housing payments during 2016/2017

New statistics show that the average payment is £460

30 May, 2017

Social security commitments in the Scottish National Party 2017 election manifesto

'Stronger for Scotland' sets out fiscal plan designed to end austerity, free up resources to invest in public services, tackle rising inequality and protect family budgets

26 May, 2017

Further roll-out of the universal credit full service

New statutory instrument provides for the expansion of the service between 5 July and 27 September 2017

25 May, 2017

DWP launches 'call for interest' to supply an appointment booking system for the universal credit full service

Successful solution will match the most appropriate member of staff to a claimant

24 May, 2017

Scottish Social Security Minister sets out plan for the transfer of welfare powers to Scottish Government

Letter to Scottish Affairs Committee and Scottish Social Security Committee also confirms joint working arrangements between the UK and Scottish Governments

24 May, 2017

Social security commitments in the Green Party 2017 election manifesto

Party promises to redress benefits injustice with a social security system that 'gives everyone confidence they will get support when they need it’

23 May, 2017

60 per cent of people living in poverty are part of a working household

New research from the Nuffield Foundation recommends that in-work support via tax credits and universal credit needs to be strengthened

22 May, 2017

Plans to apply the under 35s local housing allowance cap to housing benefit for social tenants could affect 21,000 Scots

Interim report from CIH Scotland says this amounts to a rent gap of up to £22.8 million per year

22 May, 2017

Scottish Social Security Committee calls for interim targets for tackling child poverty

Committee recommends that delivery plans should include providing information, advice and assistance in relation to welfare rights and income maximisation

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