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18 September, 2020 Open access

Master of the Rolls publishes listing priorities and ‘Overall Arrangements’ for resumption of possession cases in England and Wales

New court processes and guidance come into effect when stay on proceedings is lifted on 21 September 2020

The Master of the Rolls has published listing priorities and the ‘Overall Arrangements’ for the resumption of possession cases in England and Wales from 21 September 2020.

In a statement on the arrangements for how the courts and litigants will deal with possession proceedings after the stay on claims comes to an end on 20 September 2020, Master of the Rolls Sir Terrence Etherton said yesterday -

‘The challenges faced by the courts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are well known. Possession cases are also likely to have an effect on litigants which will engage with the wider consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on individuals, families and businesses.

In light of the challenges which these cases present for the courts and the parties, on 31 May this year I asked Mr Justice Knowles to convene a cross-sector working group to consider, and to address so far as practicable, matters affecting litigants and the courts when the stay on possession proceedings is lifted.’

As a result, the following guidance has been issued -

In addition, a substantial amount of other new material has been issued ahead of the lift of the stay on possession proceedings, including -

The Master of the Rolls statement on resumption of possession claims is available from