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DWP PIP safeguarding guidance – FOI request response

Ken Butler
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Disability Rights UK

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I’m attaching the reply and guidance documents I received fin response to the below the below a Freedom of Information -

“I am seeking information as to whether the DWP have extra procedures they must follow before ending a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim for claimants with mental health conditions, learning disabilities or conditions affecting cognition or for claimants with complex needs.

Could I be sent any DWP guidance documents or otherwise that relate to the safeguarding of vulnerable claimants in relation to –
•      making a claim for PIP;
•      failure to return PIP1 or PIP2 PIP claim packs;
•      appointments for assessment whether by face to face appointment or home visit;
•      passing a PIP claimant’s to Atos or Capita for assessment despite no PIP2 claim pack being returned by them;
•      a claimant’s failure to attend without advance notice such a face to face or home visit appointment;
•      decisions not to make an award of PIP or to make a PIP award of a lesser amount than that of DLA up until then in payment.”

File Attachments

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Blimey.  There’s pages and pages of guidance.  No wonder so many DWP staff fail to adhere to it.

[ Edited: 1 Feb 2016 at 04:45 pm by neilbateman ]
Owen Stevens
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Welfare Rights Service, Greenwich Council, London

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neilbateman - 01 February 2016 04:01 PM

Phew.  There’s pages and pages of guidance.  No wonder so many DWP staff fail to adhere to it.

These private guidance chapters seem to be a really good way for the department to hide guidance favourable to clients from the advice sector.  Unfortunately, it seems quite an effective way of hiding it from their own staff too…

I can’t see any reason why stuff on safeguards shouldn’t be in DMG/ADM (as it is for Work Programme Providers).

Mike Hughes
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Senior welfare rights officer - Salford City Council Welfare Rights Service

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Quick check. Are these the most up to date documents for PIP?