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Supreme Court clarifies rights of vulnerable homeless people

shawn mach

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Rehousing Advice.
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Homeless Unit - Southampton City Council

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The heading on this thread is a bit misleading, but note it is similar to that of Shelters…Supreme Court clarifies rights of vulnerable homeless people (So what do I know?)

What we have is a brand new “vulnerability” test, which looks on the face of it, will mean that more people will be deemed vulnerable pursuant to the 1996 Housing Act part vii. If accepted… those applicants will be entitled to exactly the same rights and duties they always were….193 duty etc… just means that more folks should pass the new test….as the applicant is being compared with that of an “ordinary” person who happens to become become homeless…. rather than an “ordinary” (street)homeless person….... (its a bit more complicated than that but that’s basically it)

You will need to check your applicants 184 decision letters, to check the Authority is using the correct new test…...