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Worker Registration Scheme unlawful for last two years of accession period

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Thanks, useful intelligence.


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Permission for the Secretary of State to appeal has been granted -

      [ Edited: 6 Jul 2018 at 01:00 pm by Daphne ]
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Noticed on the same sheet that the Supreme Court has refused permission to Hrabkova (self-employment and derivative rights of residence in the wake of Gusa).  So Gusa not a wide-ranging game changer for self-employed people after all.  And yet …

- I(EEA) Regs 2016 have just been amended to allow retention of self-employed right to reside when seeking work after working for less than one year, and when enterinmg vocational training.  That goes further tha Gusa on a narrow reading
- UT has asked European Court to say whether St Prix-style maternity breaks apply to the self-employed, which is outside the factual scope of Gusa

I think if the ECJ says yes to maternity breaks, the derivative right to reside also requires a fresh look and referral to the ECJ, if there is any point referring anything to the ECJ anymore by that time of course.

PS sorry Daphne I see you have updated the other thread with the news about Hrabkova, so I’ll put my comments there instead.